Farewell to our intern pioneers

Friday was the last official day of work for our intern pioneers (pioneers because they are the first). Kirsten Lyons came to us from Lawrence Tech, where she is studying architecture. Kevin Gardner came from the College for Creative Studies, where he is studying design. We hired them as interns before we knew exactly what we were going to do with them, but they had been volunteering with us throughout the fall and winter, and we knew they had to be a part of our continuing work. At first, they had the unenviable job of working with the team on translating our technical design onto wiki pages so we had it archived. You can see their work on our Earth Patterns pages. Early on, we could see that they both had areas of expertise that we could tap into beyond their writing skills. Kirsten … [Read more...]

Cass Tech Visit

This past Friday we hosted about 25 students from Cass Tech who were part of a day-long program sponsored by NORR called Generation G. This program was designed to introduce Detroit students who are interested in architecture and engineering to sustainability or "green" concepts, such as site development, energy efficiency, materials selections and indoor environmental quality. The program lasted all day, beginning with short seminars and a viewing of the movie, 'The Eleventh Hour.' In the afternoon, the students and teacher/mentors came over to the Green Garage to work on a "Sustainable Cobo Hall " project. The question they were to answer was: Based on the concepts of Site Planning, Water Management, Architectural Materials and Resources, Energy Management and Community and … [Read more...]

Green Garage Detroit