Coworking at the Green Garage is rooted in community. By locating your business or nonprofit organization here, you’ll be joining a group of people who want to get to know each other, support each other’s work, and connect in a meaningful way to the community around them. We also value environmental responsibility and accountability; you don’t have to be identify as a green business to sign up, but by locating here, your business will be an active participant in our robust recycling, composting, and water & energy reduction systems, which keep our collective environmental footprint well below average.

May 16 office

How to Join the Green Garage Community

We encourage anyone who’s considering locating their business here to do three things: check out our benefits & services and membership options & pricing info, attend a Friday community lunch to meet existing community members and see our facility, and contact Matt Piper to introduce yourself and set up a meeting. Our process for welcoming new businesses is unhurried and conversation-based; we want to get to take the time to get to know you and your work and make sure that we’ve provided a comprehensive explanation of the Green Garage and our approach to coworking. We look forward to hearing from you!

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