In Detroit, the Green Garage is a Different Kind of Incubator

“Built in 1920, the brick warehouse at 4444 Second Avenue in Detroit used to be a showroom for the city’s pride: Model T-based automobiles. Now it’s a metaphor for urban reinvention.” Read more.

Preservation, Business, and Sustainability Mark Green Garage

“Often overlooked in the core of the city of Detroit is an array of impressive cultural and commercial buildings constructed nearly a century ago. One of those 1920s buildings, called the Green Garage, is escaping obscurity in the 21st century on the wings of a sustainable rehabilitation undertaken by Tom and Peggy Brennan.” Read more.

How a Business Incubator Created a Lasting Model for Sustainability

“Though residents of the Green Garage span many sectors, they all share two characteristics: they’re interested in being part of a community of businesses and in reducing the environmental impact of their work by locating there. The Green Garage is a triple bottom line business, which means incorporating the environmental and social costs of an operation alongside the financial.” Read more.

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The Greenest Buildings in Detroit, Mapped

“The first major green renovation in the city, the Green Garage has been an example for other builders in the city about how to do a responsible green redevelopment. The renovation of the former Model T showroom into a business incubator and co-working space took around three years. That slow approach allowed the owners to incorporate a number of sustainable elements into the design that are still being perfected.” Read more.

How Green is Your Alley?

“The first Detroit Green Alley opened in 2010. In 2014, Detroit’s second-heaviest single-day rainfall ever caused flooding so major that people abandoned cars on the highway. The green alley didn’t hold a single puddle. Ever since, it’s been inspiring urban environmentalists.” Read more

Green Garage Detroit: Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Business

“Erected in 1920, the Green Garage building has a colorful history as a former home to Model T’s and shoe repairs alike. Today…past and present have been carefully woven together to create a business opportunity that is turning the traditional small business model upside-down by giving people an affordable possibility for a workspace while also reducing, reusing and recycling.” Read more.

A Workspace with a Heart: A look at Detroit’s sustainability leader

“Sustainability and economic growth do not have to be contradictory. With the right infrastructure and leadership, reducing a business’s carbon footprint can be quite inexpensive. In Detroit, the Green Garage leads by example, proving that sustainability is not at the expense of economic growth.” Read more

Green Garage Detroit (podcast episode)

“Green Garage is a historic building that was sustainably renovated to become a coworking community and business incubator dedicated to providing a home to a diverse group of businesses and nonprofits. As a triple bottom line business, they’re always striving to makae decisions that are good for the environment, community and economy.” Listen here.