Green Alley Public Hearing

On Wednesday, May 13th, we met with the Detroit Historic Commission for a public hearing on the green alley. We had previously submitted the plans and had already learned that the commission members had approved the plan with no reservations. The purpose of this hearing was to finalize this agreement and to give a chance for Historic Commission members to make any comments. We were encouraged by the positive response. Commissioner Wheeler wanted to recognize the fact that this would be Detroit's first green alley. Yes! We love being early adopters. Commissioner Long talked about the fact that she had lived in Boston, where alleys were featured on the Historic Home Tour. She had also recently cut through the alley on her way to the Hillberry, and was excited about the possibility of a … [Read more...]

Model D event at the GG

Model D held their speaker series here at the Green Garage this past Thursday. The topic was biking and the developing greenway in the city. Great event - well organized. Motor City Brewing Works provided the food and drink. We were amazed that 150+ people could fit so easily into the building. … [Read more...]

A celebration and a visit

This past Wednesday the Zero Energy group met once again, but this time to celebrate the conclusion of their work. This group has been meeting longer than any other - they began in September - and I'd like to suggest that they feel more passionately about their work than any other group. This group represents, in many ways, the heart and soul of the building construction work. It was up to them to figure out ways to heat and cool the building by using as little energy as possible, and because of their efforts, it now looks like we'll be able to heat and cool this 11,000 sq ft building as if it were only 1,000 sq ft. We are eternally grateful to them and their dedication to this incredibly complex task. They are, from left, Tom Brennan, Kirsten Lyons, Ken Byczynski, Laura Long and Laurie … [Read more...]

Green Alley update

This past Thursday we met with Susan McBride of the Historic Commission to discuss where we've come with the plans for both the Green Garage and the alley. Because our building is designated an historic site, our construction will need to stay within the guidelines set forth by this organization. In other words, we can't do significant changes to the exterior without approval. For the most part, we're OK. We still have a couple of areas to hammer out, however, like solar panels on top of the building's addition - definitely not a historical element! During our discussion of the alley, we were joined by Ashok Patel of Traffic Engineering for the city. Once again, we're in the ballpark - we just need to consider a couple of minor issues, and we should be good to go. A couple of … [Read more...]

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