Goodbye From Nicolas

Hello everyone, As you all may know by now, I have been working with the Green Garage throughout this school year. And, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that I will not be returning to the Green Garage next year. I have made many friendships and business connections during my time working here. And I want to thank each and every one of the people whom I’ve interacted with through my time here. From Gracie Xavier, to Curt Malouin, and Karen Chappelle, the conversations I’ve had with the amazing residents of the Green Garage, have been more than just significant to me. They have changed who I am, and the way I view the world. Though I may not be returning, it is my hope that Tuesday, June 12th, is not the last time you will see my face, or hear me crack an unfunny … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Karen Chappelle

Meet Karen Chappelle, the Green Garage’s new Bradley Fellow! The Bradley Fellowship provides an opportunity for an entrepreneur to  develop their business out of the Green Garage for a season. It is sponsored by Green Garage co-founder Helen Bradley and is named in honor of her late husband Tom, who had a gift for making people feel welcome here.    Karen is the president and CEO of Casablanca Consultants, , which recently produced a brand-new theatre festival in town called the Detroit Heritage Theatre Festival.  Karen is a Detroit native who moved back to the city in 2016 after a nearly four-decade stint in Los Angeles in the Office of the Attorney General. Though she worked in the legal profession for several decades, Karen always maintained a passion for theatre. Near the end … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Brad Dunn

Brad Dunn is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the app development company 4Thought Studios, which is currently developing their first app, Epochly, a social scheduling app. Brad says that he has always been interested in technology, and that his interest was strengthened by his work during and after college when he worked for Wayne State University as a web developer. When Brad’s friend, Jenna (now 4Thought’s CEO), and Kwame (who’s now the Chief Information Officer), had an idea to develop an app that would help people manage their schedules, Brad made a connection between the two ideas. Soon after, they jumped on the idea and started 4Thought Studios.  On the recommendation from Kwame, the 4Thought team took tours of the Green Garage to see if it was a place that they … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Mike Shesterkin

Mike Shesterkin, owner of Green Garage businesses-in-residence What’s Next LLC, works on strategy development for small businesses, specifically focusing on a triple bottom line (3BL) approach. His involvement with the Green Garage began about two years before he joined us as a business-in-residence, when he began regularly attending our Thursday sustainable small business conversations.   Mike graduated from Lawrence Tech with a Bachelor’s in chemistry and worked for a number of years formulating coatings for automotive applications. After working in the automotive industry, he developed the desire to create his own business doing what he enjoyed the most. The Green Garage’s 3BL approach to business -- where environmental and social impact are valued alongside economic profit -- … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Rainelle Burton

The Green Garage is well known for being a home to both small businesses and nonprofit organizations, but did you know that we are also home to a handful of creative professionals like novelists? Rainelle Burton is one such Green Garage member. After a career as a systems analyst, she turned full-time to writing and published her acclaimed novel The Root Worker in 2001. Burton wrote the book about a young girl in Detroit in the 1960s who faces the problems of the real world, while fighting her own demons and the thoughts that everybody around her has about her. Rainelle leased a desk space at the Green Garage for a year, but family obligations made it so that she wasn’t able to spend as much time here as she would have liked. Funnily enough, once her lease ended, she started to … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories- Matt Dibble

Matt Dibble is the founder of Final5. Final5 is a company that uses videos to promote and tell the stories of businesses and nonprofits. Final5 started in 2007 with one short video that quickly gained popularity, and the second place spot in a film competition.It didn’t take long for Matt’s video production work to take off, and soon he was doing a brisk business. But something was missing, and Matt began to figure out what that was when he first met Tom Brennan, co-founder of the Green Garage. “In the beginning, we produced videos,” Matt says. “But it didn't take long for me to understand the power of story, and for me to shift the direction of the company. I realize now that the same way Tom used story to connect me to important things that he believed in, organizations can use story to … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Nicole Braxton

Nicole Braxton is the owner of Around the World In 7 Days (AW7D). She is with us for the winter under a Bradley fellowship, created by Green Garage co-founder Helen Bradley and named after her late husband Tom, who had a passion for community. AW7D is a social enterprise that focuses on serving healthy, plant-based international cuisine, as well as sharing information about health and wellness through  community health cooking classes and diabetes workshops. Nicole was born in Detroit and grew up in West Bloomfield, MI. She says she has always had an entrepreneurial heart. Starting small businesses like lemonade and cookie stands from a young age, she grew more interested in the way a business worked. This early interest is what lead her to study business at Bowling Green State … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member Stories – Brendan Ross

Brendan Ross calls himself  a “photographic generalist.” What is that, you might ask? Brendan is open to all kinds of photography jobs, from professional portraits to event photography to photographing workers in factories.  He says his favorite kind of assignment is taking photos in factories, of both the machines and the workers. Brendan Ross Photography started in 1971 right here in Detroit. After a handful of years in advertising, Brendan started his photography business because he felt that he could do a lot on his own, and he had a burning desire to start his own business. His company has changed a great deal since it was founded 46 years ago. In its earlier days, Brendan employed a team of assistants and had both a darkroom and extensive studio space. Over time, with … [Read more...]

Green Garage Member stories – Gracie Xavier

Gracie Xavier is the Director of Corporate and Economic Development Strategy for Global Detroit, a nonprofit-in-residence that works to revitalize southeast Michigan’s economy through immigrant attraction and retention. In that capacity, she leads the Global Talent Retention Initiative of Michigan, which helps companies retain their foreign-born talent. Gracie, says that working out of the Green Garage has greatly affected her life in a positive way. She says that she has become more environmentally conscious as a result of working here. She frequently finds herself looking for a recycling bin when she has something recyclable, and if there isn’t one in sight, she asks for one. Before she worked in the Green Garage, she says she didn't pay much attention to things like recycling, and now … [Read more...]

Hello From Nicolas

Hello all, My name is Nicolas Perales, and as a few Green Garage residents know, I am a new intern here at Green Garage. Since I am new here, I feel the need to give a small introduction of myself so that everyone can know me, and a little bit of who I am. I am a Sophomore at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. I've been here in southwest Detroit for the entire 15 years of my life, and in those 15 years, I have developed a few notable interests and skills that I would like to share with you all. I'll begin with academics, as those are the least interesting things about me. I am the leader of my robotics team's marketing branch. I'm also on debate team, as well as being on the freshmen student council and currently running for sophomore student council.   Now onto the … [Read more...]

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