Wood Rescue Mission


We’ve been consulting with a number of people as we near construction about effectively managing waste within the process. One of our contacts is Vince Dattilo. Vince, of the Roxbury Group, is managing United Way’s move to the First National Building in Detroit. Vince understands that we want to reuse materials as much as possible, both from our own site and from off-site locations as well. We plan on reusing 90% of the materials from our own site, and have started looking at used materials from other sites as additions we might need.

This past week Vince called us and said that they have a bunch of lumber (plywood and 2×4’s) that they cannot use – it might go to a landfill if someone cannot take it. So after a little arranging by Joe Gallagher, we found 2 Green Garage volunteers, Scott McKenzie and Tom O’Connor, who took some time yesterday to head out the the First National Building and bring back this wood. Thanks, Scott and Tom! And thanks, Vince, for thinking of us!

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