We’re still here

Yes, indeed we are. We’re heading into a big week, so let me update you on our progress.

First, the Green Garage news. As you faithful readers know, we have received approval to move forward with construction from both the Historic Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals. This means that our plans are appropriate for a historic building, and we have our parking figured out to the city’s satisfaction. This coming Friday we’re turning in the plans to the city’s Building Department. The plans should be approved in 2 weeks, then we’re free to begin construction (which fits in nicely with our September start date).

In the next couple of weeks, we’re turning our attention more fully to a challenging area: materials sourcing. We want to use recycled materials from the current waste stream in our project, and that will take some time and ingenuity. In addition, come October (and during construction) we’ll begin to study the business plan more closely. Each Friday we’ll meet as a group to go over the week’s work.

Now for the Green Alley. Our plans are in to the city, and we’re waiting for approval. Then we get a permit, then hire a contractor, and we’re good to go.

So that’s the update. For those of you who like your information sequentially presented – like me – I hope this helps!

A couple more events from last week.  I thought you’d like to see a photo of Steve Lambers, who joins us on Fridays, with his electric bike. He developed and built it himself. It’s called the Detroit ElecTrek.


Also, we were visited by the extended Bradley family on Friday. They were all in town for a family event, and paid a visit to the GG before heading off to the ball game.


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