Update on our progress

Tom and I just returned from vacation, and we are now viewing this trip as the separation point between our previous work in the building and what is coming ahead. All of the work prior to now has been at a nice steady pace, but we are no longer there. Joe, Eduardo and Heladio have done an excellent job getting the roof done, gathering materials and prepping the building for what is to come. Now the heavy work is upon us.

Since this building is being carefully designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and we are doing a no-waste project, nothing is as easy as it looks. Take, for example, our window systems. Our goals are:

  • .1 air infiltration
  • 45 R
  • 100-year durability
  • no waste

In addition, each wall in the building is different, and will require a unique design (a south vs east wall, fitting differently into different ceilings, etc). We are evaluating the purpose of each layer of each wall – how far will we be carrying each element? Is it necessary for each part of the wall system to achieve 100% efficiency, or is some of it irrelevant? We are breaking down each wall system into steps, and the steps will be posted for the crews that will be doing the installation. If you’d like a look at the complexity of just our windows, go to our Wall Sequence Spreadsheet.

So while we are going full speed ahead, we are also working to get the final details right. For the next few weeks, we’ll be holding detail design sessions. Coming up this week:

  • Wednesday, March 31st –
  • 10:00 – noon – Geo-SolarĀ  Hybrid Heating / Cooling / Ventilation System Detail Review
  • 1:00 – 3:00pm – Restroom / Kitchen Detail Design Review
  • Friday, April 2 –
  • 10:00 – noon – SolarĀ  Hot Water Heating

In other news, the steel frames for our greenhouse windows (that we obtained from the Ottawa Power Plant in Canada) are cleaned up and ready for glass. As it turns out, Dalgleish Cadillac has closed and we will be obtaining the glass from them. So we have Cadillac-quality glass in our building – brings a bit of class to the place. And then there is the issue of this building’s history with Ford, but, hey, we’re taking the glass where we can get it from.

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