Tipping point

In every project, you reach a point where the new is overtaking the old. We reached that point this week. In this spirit, Tom asked Joe to take down the ‘Kanners and Patrize’ lettering that has been above the front door for probably 6 decades. Joe said it came down well, except for a little damage to the P, and we can fix that. We plan on hanging the lettering inside the building when construction is completed. Here’s what the front looks like now:


We’re also making progress with the northwest corner of the building. We have had to deal with bricking issues. The original building had 2 kinds of brick, common and scratch brick. Tom O’Connor is holding the 2 types, below.


The scratch brick, on the right, is the kind we need for the new addition, and unfortunately it is nowhere to be found. So Eduardo and Heladio have been taking brick from other sections of the building, like here…


…and we’re replacing it with common brick. Then we can use the scratch brick on the front of the building and it will have a more consistent look. Here’s the northwest corner as of Friday, Nov 20th:


We’ve also been working on the little section (17 ft deep) of the roof that borders the front of the building. We’re developing a rooftop patio/garden here. We’ll have a parapet along this roof that will be 5 1/2 ft high in the middle, and will taper at the ends. The back wall will be our arched historic roof. Here’s a glimpse of how this is developing. The parapet is the brick section bordered by limestone. You can see the arched roof in the background.


Right above the new room we’ll be putting a 600-gallon water tank for water we’ll be harvesting. It was ordered today, along with a 1,700 gallon tank we’ll be putting in the alley (underground). This tank will provide water for plants and general neighborhood use (we’ll have a pump), and we’re considering the idea of using it to flush our toilets.

Also ordered today was our earth-air tubes that will be placed in our backyard area, and are part of our heating/cooling and ventilation systems.

One last thing: we have a plaster ceiling that will need to come down and we cannot find a use for the plaster. If any of you have an idea, let us know.

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