The sky is falling!

Actually, it’s just our suspended ceiling. But it is indeed coming down, slowly but surely. I have mentioned Eduardo Martinez before, who is doing an outstanding job deconstructing this place. This week he is working in conjunction with another gentleman, Heladio Gomez, to take down the suspended ceiling. They are extremely careful, but every once in a while I hear a loudish crash coming from the next room (I and my computer are safely ensconced in the new part of the building), and I know another panel has decided not to make a graceful exit. But look at the results so far:


As of today, about half of the tiles have been removed, and those that are salvageable have been stacked for further use. For the material that’s not salvageable, we’re considering 2 options: putting it back into the land to augment the soil (around non-edible vegitation), or possibly putting it through a chipper and using it to fill in some stud spaces. It could be a great insulator.

On another matter: in my last post, I mentioned that we would be receiving a large quantity of gently used oriented strand board from a man in Manchester, MI. As you may remembr, this board was used for flooring at U of M for convocation ceremonies at the Big House. After 3 uses, it gets disposed of. In this case, our contact in Manchester made the purchase and sold it to us. It arrived this week. Here’s what it looks like:


You might ask what we’re doing with all this board. We’re using it as part of the substructure of the new roof. To refresh you, we’re keeping the old historic roof, putting in a ton of insulation, and building a new roof on top of it. The roof comes from Duro-Last, and will be white (better for reflecting the sun’s rays off of the building). So underneath the Duro-Last roof, and sandwiched in the insulation, will be this oriented strand board, framed by some of the 2×4 pieces of wood we’ve been storing from deconstruction.

One more thing, completely unrelated to the above post, but worth mentioning. We’re working this semester with 2 students from Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science to help us develop our urban sustainable library. We meet for the first time tonight, and we’ll be talking over what exactly we’re doing with our information system here. We have to hammer out what our physical library will look like, how we’ll manage questions and consultations, what our online presence will be, how we want to design our site to be user-friendly and possibly even interesting. Each student will be in charge of one small aspect of the library design as part of their classwork, and we’re hoping that their work will be helpful to us too.

Sometimes people get on sites or read blogs and have ideas for how they would like to see information presented, and I’d like to offer you this opportunity. If you have read this far into this blog, I think you’ve made enough of an investment to perhaps offer some suggestions to us. So if you have any ideas for how you’d like to see information displayed at the Green Garage, or how you’d like to learn about sustainable ideas, please make a comment and we’ll try to incorporate your suggestion. Right now is a great time to offer up ideas, before I engrave our work into rock, never to be altered. Well, you know I’m kidding, but I do encourage you to make this work relevant to you. And thanks!

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