The building community

Today we met with 2 men who will be working with us on windows, Kevin Boland of Weathershield Windows and Michael Wagner of Midwest Door and Window. They help comprise a growing list of contractors we’ll be working with to remodel the building….although technically we’re not calling them contractors. The term ‘contractor’ carries certain implications, including the idea that they each do their jobs separate from the others working on the building. When they’re done, they walk away and have no more accountability for the building.

We were looking for more than this when we began the selection process. We were looking for people who were interested in becoming part of a building community. We wanted an integral part of their work to be communicating with others on the project and solving ideas together. We wanted a group of people who would be able to put egos aside and learn from each other. And we think we found them.

We have developed a building community list that ranges from project manager to electrician to architect to metal fabricator, about 17 companies in all.  Most come from the metro Detroit area. As they move through the construction process, they’ll meet every Friday with a working community from the Green Garage that will examine the work done and make sure we are still on track to meet our energy use and foundational goals.

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