Thanksgiving update


Thanksgiving week here in Detroit, and all is well at the Green Garage. As you can see, we’re finishing up the restoration of the northwest corner of the building. We’re also finishing up the roof section closest to the front of the building, and removing the last remnants of the plaster ceiling (it’s sliding by as I write this, sounding like a glacier).


Many of you may already know that we hit a recycling wall this week, and almost had to resort to the D word (dumpster). We have a ton of debris (torch down roof material) that we do not have a use for and no source who wanted to take it. I asked the Facebook community to tackle this, and a recommendation led us to Dominic at National Recycling. He normally doesn’t take this stuff either, but when he heard about this project, he was so excited that he said he’d do everything he could to help. So he is coming here Monday and will take all of our roofing debris, process it, and use it to help pave a new lot of his in Flint. He also has a sister who owns a concrete recycling plant and encouraged her to take our old plaster. So thank you, National Recycling! Still no dumpster.

Next week is a big week. We’ll be putting the earth tubes in our back yard area. These tubes allow fresh air to permeate the building, bringing in cooler air in the summer and warmer air in the fall. The pipes are arriving on Monday. Also arriving will be a 1,700 gallon underground tank that will reside underneath the northwest part of the alley. We’ll be harvesting rain water there and will attach a hand pump for all of us, including neighbors, to use.

A couple of weeks out, we’ll be putting on the final layer of the roof, the white Duralast membrane. We’ll also be soda blasting the interior ceiling and walls. In January, we’ll be working on the inside walls and the windows.

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