Monthly Measurements

It’s one thing to design and build a green building, but if you don’t measure its performance and compare it to a traditionally-built building, claims of ‘sustainability’ seem unproven. One of our goals has been to report monthly on the building’s performance to help us understand our environmental footprint so that we can make continuous improvements.


To that end, every month we measure, chart, and publish our waste (i.e., the waste that is not recycled or composted), water usage, and energy usage. For waste and water, we also publish charts that contrast our numbers with an industry standard. For energy, since we have two meters in the building, we create two charts each month, one for our HVAC system and one for any other electrical use, including computers and lighting.

Visit our Measurement Pages wiki page to see all these data for the last several years, or drill down from here into Water, Waste, or Energy.

Green Garage Detroit