Still no dumpster

We’re on day 5 of deconstruction and still no dumpster. Believe me, we’re taking things apart.  We have hired a gentleman named Eduardo, and he is doing the lion’s share of the work.


Eduardo takes everything apart and stacks it. Right now he’s working on removing the wood.


Tom O’Connor, who is managing our materials processing, spent some time today removing nails from the wood.


Then he took it over to the annex building, where we have set up a materials storage and staging center.


Since we can’t safely do our work (computer-type) in the historic building, we have reconfigured the furniture and have developed a nice temporary working space.


It’s all working pretty well. We’re spending a good amount of time figuring out how to get rid of materials we don’t need (like flexible duct – Craigslist is a great help), and finding used materials for things we still need. It’s an interesting journey. And still no dumpster! Yes!

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