Spirit of Detroit

Spirit of detroit

At today’s Friday lunch conversation Tom asked the group to describe the current spirit of Detroit. The contributions included:

  • Detroit is a mecca for art, music and manufacturing. It’s an uplifting place, a forerunner.
  • Detroit currently specializes in human technology – people drive everything. Human capital is what makes it roll.
  • Look at the D:Hive theme: Detroit is for doers.
  • Detroit is a charitable city – people give what they can to help others.
  • There is an unparallelled level of volunteerism.
  • There is a great deal of collaboration.
  • One person used the analogy of ‘breaking down silos.’ Elsewhere, people and businesses can tend to center inward, in essence building their silo, but in Detroit we see more building of bridges, a greater openness to working across comfort zones. A tendency toward cross-pollination.

Thanks, everyone. This discussion was a great start to Labor Day weekend.

Spirit of detroit meeting

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