Removing insulation

Now that we have our permit to work on the building, one of the first things we’re doing is removal of the existing paper insulation from ceiling panels in the upper level of the building. Those ceiling panels will eventually come down, but first we need to get rid of the insulation that is covering them. We are working with an insulation company called Kenco, and so they are here today doing the removal.


Normally this is a pretty easy job. They suck the insulation out in tubes and take it to a landfill. Since we don’t want any waste, we have devised another way to do it. We knew that we could reuse the insulation, so we worked up a way to get this stuff out of the ceiling and into a safe spot until we’re ready to use it. So here’s the process: The truck connects a tube to the space upstairs.


The insulation is sucked into the tube and sent back downstairs….


…into a plastic-sealed room where it will be stored until we’re ready to use it.


The insulation will be added to the cellulose insulation that Kenco will be putting in the walls of the building. We want this to be a no-waste project…so far, so good!

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