It’s October and we’re making steady progress. As you can see, the old windows in front have come down, and will be reused for interior offices. Because nothing is leaving the building, as stuff is removed from the walls and ceiling, it is piling up inside to the point where it is sometimes hard to make your way along the floor.


One part of this project that I’m sure is not typical is our near-obsessive dedication to salvaging wood, and that requires removing every nail that is in every piece. Here is the pile of wood requiring nail removal as of last week:


We have had a dedicated group of volunteers – and some paid employees – who are removing nails hour after hour, day after day. We are going to have to take them out for one serious dinner when this whole thing is over. Jamilah is one of our volunteers…


There will be a special place in heaven for these people, trust me.

Also this week, we are removing bricks from the parapet (a wall that stands higher than a roof, in case you’re wondering) in the front of our building. This section of the building will be renovated anyway, restoring it to the original 1920’s look, and we need the bricks to restore the front facade.


Other than this, I can report that we are without heat (no gas for obvious reasons), and since the Michigan temps are settling into the 40’s this week, it’s a bit chilly. But the guys inside the old section of the building doing all of the deconstruction work aren’t complaining, so I won’t either!

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