New logo


I wanted to introduce our new logo, done by graphic designer Charles Moceri. Charles incorporated a number of elements into the design that are significant to us, but may not be apparent to you all, so I want to explain them.

The rings represent something fundamental to our project: our 3-pronged decision-making process. For everything we do here, every decision we make, we consider environmental integrity, economic justice and community well-being. If one of these elements is missing, it will not be sustainable. The outer ring represents the fact that the work here takes place in an incubator of sorts. We give businesses a place and support to grow and move on. The earth represents the fact that our most fundamental relationship is to the earth. Most people who see the logo will see something beautifully crafted, but to those of us who worked on the foundational elements of our project, it will serve as a reminder of what is truly important to us.

I should mention that a very important part of the process of logo design involved a graphic arts class from Wayne State University. They were given the task of coming up with logos for our project, and their work was creative and inspirational. We would not have arrived where we are without their help.

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