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We got good news this past week…the building been officially declared ‘functionally obsolete,’ qualifying us for Brownfield Tax Credits, which could amount to 20% of the costs of construction. This means full speed ahead. That’s a good thing, because we have been accumulating the materials needed to construct the interior walls, and we’re running out of space! Here’s a view of our future office space from the mezzanine as of last Friday:

All full

The majority of what you see there is rigid polyisoinsulation, which will be the foundation of our insulated wall system.

Eduardo and Heladio began prepping the walls in the annex this week. First they caulked any gaps.


Then they cut up pieces of polyiso…

Cutting insulation

…for placement on the walls. These small pieces will pull the larger boards of insulation off the wall (otherwise moisture would build up in the cavity and turn to mold).

Insulation pieces on walls

Also, our order has gone in to Kelly Windows – they should be completed within 5-7 weeks. Believe it or not, even though the number of windows is around 30, the number of separate window pieces ordered was over 170 (each window being comprised of a number of window pieces). We’ll be putting windows in the annex first, and then the historic building. Also on the windows front, we are developing a relatively large interior greenhouse at the entrance of the building from the alley and had found windows from the Ottawa Power Plant in Canada that was being deconstructed. We hired Mike Kelly to clean the asbestos off the windows, and they are all done as of this week.

At our Friday meeting, Billy West from Dormouse took us through the design of our new staircase (which will lead to our roof garden). He is a metal fabricator, and is taking all of our old piping, mainly steam piping, and turning it into a staircase. The sketch below gives an indication of what it will look like. Missing is the brick wall that will bisect it (so the section above the landing will not be visible from this perspective). Billy & Co will do about half of the work in their shop, and it will be installed the first week of April – should take 6-7 days.


Upcoming events for the Green Garage:

  • On Wednesday, March 10th, at 2 and 4 pm, we’ll be at 2 Brownfield hearings, the first at the City Council and the second at the Brownfield and Planning Commission.
  • We’ll be participating in a panel discussion on the creative corridor in Midtown Detroit at MOCAD when NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman comes to Midtown on Wednesday, March 23rd. 
  • Also at MOCAD, we’ll be sponsoring a showing of a movie on Jane Jacobs, a pioneer writer and urban theorist, some time late this summer.
  • And of course, we are set to open for business in July!

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