Interior Design


Here is our preliminary sketch of the interior design of the building done by Woody Melcher of Woodbury Associates.  To orient you, the top is Second Ave, the alley is to the left, the back of the building is bottom, and the newer section of the building and the parking lot are to the right.

So if you walk in the front door, top, you come across a waiting/reception area next to an information center (with long rectangular table). Just beyond the new stairway, you’ll see, from top, an indoor/outdoor room, the kitchen, and booths and tables for eating. The blank space to the left is reserved for businesses. Beyond the group of chairs (design center) are small ‘huddle rooms’ for private work and meetings, and 3 bathrooms, one with showers.  Also, to the left, you’ll see our alley entrance.

Not shown are the designs for the 2 loft areas. The east loft will house rent-a-desk spaces and our ‘imagination’ room (more details on this later). The loft facing west will serve as a library/information center.

We have not done the design or the newer section of the building (back right), but we do know it will serve as a spot for creative, hands-on work.

These are preliminary sketches, and will lead to more formal designs, but we are very excited about what we see and how we envision the future for this space.

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