Here’s an idea! (another way to heat and cool a building)

While the graffiti artists are busy outside this week, we’re working inside the building on a variety of projects. The one I want to tell you about today is a new (as far as we can tell) way of heating and cooling the annex portion of our building. You may already know that we will be putting tubes under a wood floor in the historic part of the building for radiant heating and cooling. Our system is illustrated below.

Radiant heating and cooling

We knew, however, that this design wouldn’t work for the annex part of our building. We are going to house a workshop there, and anticipate heavy equipment rolling across the floor, so wood is out. Our trusty net zero energy group came up with an innovative solution – create a thermal break around the perimeter of the building, with insulation and tubes carrying water to again heat and cool, but only around the perimeter. The system will look like this:

If you want me to explain this, you’re out of luck. But Tom can explain it, and here he is: Slide1

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