Hello From Nicolas

Hello all,

My name is Nicolas Perales, and as a few Green Garage residents know, I am a new intern here at Green Garage. Since I am new here, I feel the need to give a small introduction of myself so that everyone can know me, and a little bit of who I am.

I am a Sophomore at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. I’ve been here in southwest Detroit for the entire 15 years of my life, and in those 15 years, I have developed a few notable interests and skills that I would like to share with you all.

I’ll begin with academics, as those are the least interesting things about me. I am the leader of my robotics team’s marketing branch. I’m also on debate team, as well as being on the freshmen student council and currently running for sophomore student council.  

Now onto the interesting things. I am both a writer, and a musician. I have been writing ever since I could pick up a pencil, and my interest in writing hasn’t stopped since. I have written a total of 2 novelettes and 1 novella, all of which are teen fiction. Along with my writing, I have been a part of several small local music projects. And I am currently in a new band called iluna (which is pronounced ih-loon-uh) We are an alternative/indie rock band that consists of two people, me (the drummer) and a female vocalist. We are currently working on our first EP.

I hope this gives you all a small picture of who I am. I will be here every Tuesday, and once a month, I will be here on a Monday and Tuesday. This is my first of many posts that I will be making throughout my time here. I look forward to meeting all the Green Garage residents, and all of the members of the community that will come to visit while I’m here! Thank you, Green Garage, for letting me have this new experience, and I hope to see you all sometime soon!

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