Green Garage Member Stories – Nicole Braxton

The Green Garage is home to a strong, diverse, and supportive community of professionals. We work across a wide array of industries but share a commitment to each other and to minimizing the environmental impact of what we do. We believe that people are more likely to succeed when they’re surrounded by a supportive community, and we’ve seen that proven out as our members tell us time and again that the Green Garage has changed their lives. This series, Green Garage Member Stories, explores how.

Nicole Braxton is the owner of Around the World In 7 Days (AW7D). She is with us for the winter under a Bradley fellowship, created by Green Garage co-founder Helen Bradley and named after her late husband Tom, who had a passion for community. AW7D is a social enterprise that focuses on serving healthy, plant-based international cuisine, as well as sharing information about health and wellness through  community health cooking classes and diabetes workshops.

Nicole was born in Detroit and grew up in West Bloomfield, MI. She says she has always had an entrepreneurial heart. Starting small businesses like lemonade and cookie stands from a young age, she grew more interested in the way a business worked. This early interest is what lead her to study business at Bowling Green State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

During her time in college, Nicole studied abroad in Hong Kong, which exposed her to international experiences and cultures. While embracing her experience abroad, she learned the concept of  healing your body through rest, both physically and spiritually, which she wanted to guide into her business.

When Nicole began working in the Green Garage, she began to find common ground between her business and the workspace and community here. She sees how unique the Green Garage is, specifically because of the connections she’s made with like-minded individuals in the triple-bottom line environment here. And she draws a connection from that to the social enterprise she created with her business, which is intended to both make a profit and uplift the local community by promoting total wellbeing–which, for her, is mental, physical and spiritual.

Nicole connected the spirituality virtue of her business to the impact that the Green Garage has on its residents. She knows that food is an element that brings people together, and the same thing happens here with our strong community. She is amazed with how connected people here are, and how supportive they are to one another, which she sees as truly amazing for an office space.

Nicole sees the Green Garage as more than just a place to rent an office and run a business. It is a place to grow yourself as an individual and a professional, and to do that by connecting with and learning from the unique mindsets of the people around you.

Green Garage Member Stories are written by Nicolas Perales, a student at Detroit Cristo Rey High School who’s working at the Green Garage this year.

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