Green Garage Member Stories – Brad Dunn

Brad Dunn is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the app development company 4Thought Studios, which is currently developing their first app, Epochly, a social scheduling app. Brad says that he has always been interested in technology, and that his interest was strengthened by his work during and after college when he worked for Wayne State University as a web developer. When Brad’s friend, Jenna (now 4Thought’s CEO), and Kwame (who’s now the Chief Information Officer), had an idea to develop an app that would help people manage their schedules, Brad made a connection between the two ideas. Soon after, they jumped on the idea and started 4Thought Studios. 

On the recommendation from Kwame, the 4Thought team took tours of the Green Garage to see if it was a place that they wanted to work, and moved in as a business-in-residence in late 2016. Now that 4Thought is based out of the Green Garage, Brad feels that the open space is an amazing difference from his old cubicle that he had in a previous coworking space. He loves that you can maintain professional, and personal relationships with others around you, and since being in the Green Garage, it is easier to work day to day because of the easygoing environment and not having the feeling of confinement. The Green Garage is a truly unique place to Brad, and the tight-knit community is one of the biggest things that differentiates it from other spaces.

Other than the community, the Green Garage has had a positive effect on 4Thought Studios in their work. Being in the heart of Midtown, just blocks away from the Wayne State campus, has given them opportunities to both hire Wayne State students and enroll them as beta testers for their app. Through the student testing, Brad and company realized that there were different elements that they could both add to and remove from their app, Epochly, in order to help students manage schedules, as well as estimate their free time at the end of the day. In essence, being in the Midtown district helped change the nature of Epochly, and helped 4Thought enhance the features of their app.

The Green Garage is home to a strong, diverse, and supportive community of professionals. We work across a wide array of industries but share a commitment to each other and to minimizing the environmental impact of what we do. We believe that people are more likely to succeed when they’re surrounded by a supportive community, and we’ve seen that proven out as our members tell us time and again that the Green Garage has changed their lives. This series, Green Garage Member Stories, explores how.

Green Garage Member Stories are written by Nicolas Perales, a student at Detroit Cristo Rey High School who’s working at the Green Garage this year.

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