Green Alley update

Historic commission

This past Thursday we met with Susan McBride of the Historic Commission to discuss where we’ve come with the plans for both the Green Garage and the alley. Because our building is designated an historic site, our construction will need to stay within the guidelines set forth by this organization. In other words, we can’t do significant changes to the exterior without approval. For the most part, we’re OK. We still have a couple of areas to hammer out, however, like solar panels on top of the building’s addition – definitely not a historical element!

During our discussion of the alley, we were joined by Ashok Patel of Traffic Engineering for the city. Once again, we’re in the ballpark – we just need to consider a couple of minor issues, and we should be good to go.

North Cass Community Garden

A couple of days later we began Earth day festivities with a clean up of a new North Cass Community Garden. Well, it’s not really a garden yet – just an old unused lot that will be transformed into 60 vegetable garden plots. The lot is located at Willis and Second, just a block or so from the Green Garage. From 11-1 on Saturday morning, about 50 volunteers raked, pruned, bagged and rolled up the old fence. When it’s done, this garden will house not only the 60 plots, but will provide participants with tools and water (some from a rain barrel). Not surprisingly, the plots sold out immediately. We are so excited about this wonderful garden located so close to us!

Motor City Brewing Works

After a couple of hours of garden work, we convened to Motor City Brewing Works for the official groundbreaking ceremony for the alley and the garden. After introductions and thank yous from Sue Mosey of the UCCA, and a little explanation of the alley project from Tom Brennan, we talked with interested individuals who wanted details.

Tom Bradley alley groundbreaking

After things broke up, the Brennans, Bradleys and Carters went to the alley for one more groundbreaking, this time with the hard hats and the shovel!

Alley -Brennans, Carters, Bradleys

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