Green Alley Public Hearing

On Wednesday, May 13th, we met with the Detroit Historic Commission for a public hearing on the green alley. We had previously submitted the plans and had already learned that the commission members had approved the plan with no reservations. The purpose of this hearing was to finalize this agreement and to give a chance for Historic Commission members to make any comments. We were encouraged by the positive response.

Commissioner Wheeler wanted to recognize the fact that this would be Detroit’s first green alley. Yes! We love being early adopters.

Commissioner Long talked about the fact that she had lived in Boston, where alleys were featured on the Historic Home Tour. She had also recently cut through the alley on her way to the Hillberry, and was excited about the possibility of a beautiful pathway for pedestrians to traverse.

Commissioner Anderson wondered how the alley would be maintained. Tom Brennan, owner of the Green Garage, said that we had a maintenance agreement with the UCCA (Wayne State’s University Cultural Center Association), but that we would be maintaining the plants ourselves on a daily basis.

Where do we go now? We must submit more formal plans and have them stamped by the commission. In order to get more formal plans, we’re starting with a survey, and then:

  • survey plans to the architect (Michael McClear)
  • architect plans to DPW
  • plans on to Parks and Rec
  • then to Engineering (City of Detroit)
  • finally to Building and Safety (City of Detroit)

Building and Safety will issue a permit. We estimate this will be a 2-4 week process. Yes, I know, we’re optimistic people. We’ll let you know.

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