Goodbye From Nicolas

Hello everyone,

As you all may know by now, I have been working with the Green Garage throughout this school year. And, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that I will not be returning to the Green Garage next year. I have made many friendships and business connections during my time working here. And I want to thank each and every one of the people whom I’ve interacted with through my time here. From Gracie Xavier, to Curt Malouin, and Karen Chappelle, the conversations I’ve had with the amazing residents of the Green Garage, have been more than just significant to me. They have changed who I am, and the way I view the world.

Though I may not be returning, it is my hope that Tuesday, June 12th, is not the last time you will see my face, or hear me crack an unfunny joke that I think is hilarious. I’m going to miss this beautiful building, the great view from the room upstairs, and the quiet chatter of people typing away at their keyboards, and making conversation over a coffee break.

There are some faces that I did not become familiar with, and I regret not connecting with each of them. But to those who I know well, thank you for making my time as a Green Garager an unforgettable experience. A special thank you to my supervisor, Matt, for helping me out with all the tasks I had, and editing my posts with a constructive approach (though I’m sure the drafts were absolutely heinous). And a thank you to Donna, the lovely woman who took over my duties at the welcome desk in the afternoon, and started conversations that always kept me interested, no matter what was happening around me. I will miss speaking with her, she is an amazing conversationalist (as well as an astounding baker).

To the Green Garage and all those whom I’ve met through it, I extend a thank you to all of you. It is because of you, that I have become a better person. Green Garage, I will never forget the name, nor will I forget those businesses and people within it.

It saddens me to leave here, and as i go around saying my goodbyes, it may be emotional, but you will all see me again someday soon. Until then, this is Nicolas Perales, signing off…

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