Getting the details right

We spent about 1 1/2 years working through the building design, energy efficiency, business plans, etc. Now that construction is upon us, we need to look at some specific areas – 23 in all – and do some final detail work. Three of those meetings took place this week – HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), bathrooms and solar panels.

Regarding our HVAC systems, Laurie will be working on our sequence of operations and Dan Bertolini of Aero Heating and Cooling will do detailed shop drawings, and we’ll be good to go. For those with an interest, here is our HVACdesign criteria.

Hvac design criteria
And here is our final heating and cooling design.

Geo-solar diagram final
Bathrooms might seem simpler, but Tom told us it took him 6 hours to do the initial research into the final design details of the women’s restroom alone. Remember, we’re not just hiring a contractor, selecting materials and having them build it out. We are considering used materials, what the code says, handicap accessibility, etc. Many factors are involved in every decision.

Today’s solar panel review was comparably simple – not to many changes in the original design. If you’d like to see our work in this area, see our Solar Thermal Collectors page. Once again, Dan B. will do the shop drawings for us to review. We’ll start a photovoltaic group soon.

Dormouse has been converting our old steam piping into a staircase that will lead to our rooftop patio/garden. They are doing the large work at their shop and will do the finish work here. Here is a picture of some of the work they’re doing. This shows the landing of the staircase, upside down. They will be trying to incorporate other objects salvaged from the building into the stairs, such as the faucet you see.

Staircase construction

Next week’s detail design meetings will involve a final refinement of the earth room (located in the basement – it will help with heating and cooling) and the public area, including the awnings, kitchen and mezzanine. Meetings are on Wednesdays and Fridays – the exact schedule will be sent by e-mail, and I’ll post it on Facebook.

Finally, the archives group got a lot of old Model T metal cleaned up and sent off to a curator to determine what it all exactly is. We also cleaned up the letters that had graced the front of the building for at least 50 years – KANNERS AND PATRIZE. Here are Mitzi, Martha and Helen with our lettering. This was also packed up, along with everything else, and taken out of the building so nothing would get damaged in the upcoming construction.

Kanners letters

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