First window openings in

First new opening 2

This week the first openings were made into the back wall of the annex to make way for windows. We decided to make 2 window systems as tests to make sure everything worked well. Once we determine that the system is OK, we’ll put up all of the other windows. The first 2 windows are along the back of the building.

First two windows 2

In other news, EC & Sons examined our sewage drains last week using a TV-type system which reads the condition of the sewers….


and displays it on a TV screen.


I am happy to report we have excellent sewers. We are so proud.

The rigid insulation is going up in the annex, over pieces of foam that will provide an air barrier. At the bottom of the wall is yellow stego material, which provides a moisture barrier.

Foam blocks

A small group of us continue to work at preserving artifacts we have found in the building. Martha and Mitzi are cleaning off Diamond T patterns, which were used in the building in the early 1920’s.


One last note — I am writing this from Virginia, where Tom and I are on vacation. On our way down, we wanted to stop in Logan, Ohio, where we had connected with a man who was selling wood and bricks. We are looking for wood for our floors. We originally thought the material was coming from a deconstructed county building, but when we arrived we learned it was an old pottery building. Here’s what it looks like today.


If that isn’t scary enough for you, when we went inside we saw no evidence of the lumber we had driven hours to view. We were led upstairs to a small opening in the wall and told it was inside. No lighting in there – we just had to feel our way around. Makes it kind of difficult to actually see the wood, but our eyes adjusted. Good thing we’re trusting people (and relatively thin).


Here is some of the wood.


What we’ll do for this project!

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