February Food Fridays

Every Friday in February we had one of our 4 food-related businesses present their business at our Friday community lunch. It was helpful not only for visitors but those of us who work here to distinguish each of these businesses and understand how they each relate to the growing food justice network here in Detroit. Here’s a brief summary of each:

  1. Fresh Corner Cafe. Run by Noam Kimmelman and Val Waller, Fresh Corner is a mission-driven fresh food and catering service that supplies fresh wraps and salads to convenience stores and gas stations around the Detroit area. They have been at the Green Garage since we opened, and continue to expand locations and menu options.
  2. Groundwerx. Run by Ken White, Michelle Fleming, Carolyn Thomas and intern John Gagnon, Groundwerx is one of the few non-profits in our building. They strive in a variety of ways to ensure that Detroit-area kids have access to 3 meals a day, 365 days a year. Read more about their various projects here.
  3. FoodLab Detroit. FoodLab is a connecting hub for small food businesses in Detroit. Jess Daniel, Anna Springer and Colin Packard help guide this organization that provides a myriad of resources for entrepreneurs in the fledgling good food business. Tawnya Clark of The Batata Shop, one of FoodLab’s businesses, spoke about the support she has received from the organization on one of our Fridays.
  4. The Detroit Food Academy. Jen Rusciano and Will Mundel manage Detroit Food Academy, whose goal is to teach young people the skills necessary to run a food business. The Aademy is a 25 week after-school program separated into 2 sessions, fall and spring. They also host Small Batch, a 6-week summer program.

We’re proud of the good work these businesses do!

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