Farewell, So Long, Goodbye


Dear Green Garage Community,  

Nehe-Miah Scarborough speaking. Having interned with the Green Garage for 2 years, I learned a lot, which is to be expected when you spend your time working with amazing people. I learned the importance of independence, diversity of thought, and diversity in general. I learned that making money, by yourself and for yourself, aren’t characteristics to be ashamed of. I learned that while being an employee is great, it should not be the sole curriculum taught to students. Rather, they should learn that manning their own businesses and obtaining entrepreneurial skills aren’t impossible goals. And if anyone ever deems them impossible, they should simply step into the Green Garage and take a peek. Notice the “manager” who may seem like an employee at face value. Yet, is an author and facilitator. Look at any of the businesses housed within these walls and see that each has an overflowing fountain of creative entrepreneurial beauty within them.

But one of the best and cheesiest lessons I’ve learned from the Green Garage is passion. Considering, here I found possible career opportunities and connections for the future. Expanding my values and heart, I uprooted a love for Detroit that I, as a Lansing native, have never known. I discovered an identity behind the ideas of triple bottom line and sustainability.

And as Tom told me earlier today, I found a second home. A place where I never once feared being me. A place where every morning I greeted these recycled floor boards with melodious tunes. A place that has seen my constant mistakes and readjustments. A place I’ve learned to grow with. Because I was here through the great Ant Invasion of 2016, a bachelor party, Wikipedia (enough said), challenging attitudes, and butting heads. I was here for it all. Perhaps, that’s why I love it so much.  

See you soon,

Nehe-Miah Scarborough

Alumni of Detroit Cristo Rey High School  



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