Construction notes, a field trip and a discovery

On the construction front, we are doing great. The roof is done, except for the Duralast shield that will be placed once the front patio/garden roof is done. It’s as tight as a drum, though, because of the DeckArmor covering, shown below.


We’ve also hired framing carpenters to build our mezzanine (in the front of the building). I have learned that one qualification for this line of work is an ability to work from great heights.


We’re also working on the front of the building, bringing back then original face that existed in the 1920’s, starting with the restoration of the northwest corner of the building. We’re designing a room called the 3-season room, which will allow us to open windows wide to the sidewalk on Second. Here’s the first column up (it will be bricked this coming week).

3 season room

Tom and I also took a field trip this week to Lansing to see some windows we want to use for our greenhouse. We are developing a side entrance to our building from the alley, and want to make the entrance into a greenhouse, but needed the glass to make this work. We found out that the Attawa Power Plant in Lansing is being converted into office space for Accidental Insurance Co and that the windows were getting dumped. So we high tailed it to the plant and did a little inspection. They looked great, and so we put in our order. By the way, they are free.

Attawa plant

And finally, for all you history buffs, look what we found when taking apart the old mezzanine:

Mid-west garage

Yep, that’s our building. Now we know at some point in time we were called Mid-West Garages, that we had a gas pump, and that our telephone number was in the Temple exchange. We’ll do a little scrounging to see if we can pin a date (back to the library). Here’s the back side.

Back side

See what you get when you don’t have a dumpster?

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