Cass Tech Visit


This past Friday we hosted about 25 students from Cass Tech who were part of a day-long program sponsored by NORR called Generation G. This program was designed to introduce Detroit students who are interested in architecture and engineering to sustainability or “green” concepts, such as site development, energy efficiency, materials selections and indoor environmental quality. The program lasted all day, beginning with short seminars and a viewing of the movie, ‘The Eleventh Hour.’

In the afternoon, the students and teacher/mentors came over to the Green Garage to work on a “Sustainable Cobo Hall ” project. The question they were to answer was: Based on the concepts of Site Planning, Water Management, Architectural Materials and Resources, Energy Management and Community and Neighborhood Connectivity, what can you propose as a solution towards a “Sustainable Cobo Hall?”

They divided into groups based on the above topics, and had about 2 hours to come up with ideas. Each group had a pizza box and a bunch of pictures to work with to represent their ideas. Pictures representing their final ideas were pasted onto the pizza boxes and the groups gave short presentations. We all took a break from the archival work we’ve been doing and enjoyed watching it all. It probably won’t surprise you that the ideas were quite creative (how about roof-top vegetable gardens with the produce being sold into the community?).  Great way to end the week.

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