Business-in-residence Spotlight: What’s Next LLC

mike shesterkin

What do they do?

What’s Next LLC is a business consultancy and coaching organization that coaches triple bottom line businesses. For example, their current clients, a group of collision repair industry leaders who are working to get the word out about how sustainability and the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) could be a game changer for the collision repair industry, are consulting with What’s Next on building the usefulness of the internal team, and staying focused. By working with these clients, What’s Next  is emphasizing the worth of people in triple bottom line values.


Mike Shesterkin, founder of What’s Next LLC.

After working 33 years at AkzoNobel, a company that sells paint to independent automobile businesses, Mike was told that his job was being liquidated. As a result of being laid off, Mike decided to broaden his horizons. He suddenly felt a draw to the haphazard world of entrepreneurship, and owning a business became one of his most intimate desires. Seeing as how he took on a sustainability role with his former employer, it made sense to simply continue down that path of building sustainable businesses. When asked why he decided to work with sustainability in the automobile industry, Mike responded, “Automobiles hugely impact the environment […] and every business is a triple bottom line business. If they [auto companies] choose to ignore this, they won’t be around for long.”

What’s Next:

What’s Next has four large goals for the future. The first is to advance triple bottom line (TBL) thinking in collision repair. Moreover, Mike wishes to discover what TBL thinking in the automobile industry even looks like. The second goal of What’s Next is to form a 501C3, a non-profit whose purpose is to advance some dimension of the common good in the community industry that it operates. Another goal of Mike’s is to obtain contracts with three small businesses to work with on developing TBL strategy by the end of 2016. And lastly, Mike hopes to build one prototype of the Lazarus car, refurbished cars that were headed for the junk yard. These cars would provide reliable automotive transportation to the poor and marginalized at an affordable price.


Mike attended Ferris State College, now known as Ferris State University, graduating in 1983 with an Associates in Applied Science in Industrial Chemistry Technology. His dream was to work with cars. As a result, he wound up working for AkzoNobel. Yet, he never thought that he would own his own business. Thus, being let go changed the course of his life, but Mike believes that What’s Next was always a hidden passion.

Mike’s Advice:

“Spend a lot of time discerning what it is that you are passionate about because if you do what you like, you won’t work a day in your life.” When discussing my career goals with Mike, I expressed how unsure I was about the future and whether or not pediatric general surgery was a passion of mine. He responded by saying, “There is a god and he made us for a purpose. And far too often we are focused on making money, but just making money is a recipe for misery. Stuff isn’t the answer.” According to Mike, happiness flows not from what you make, but what you do in order to change the world around you. Happiness is the end goal, and choosing my career should only depend on my happiness.

Want to learn more about What’s Next for What’s Next or how to get involved? Contact Mike Shesterkin at (734)-446-8353 or [email protected]

Green Garage business-in-residence spotlights are written by Nehe-Miah Scarborough, a student at Detroit Cristo Rey High School who’s working with the Green Garage during the 2015-16 school year.


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