Business-in-residence Spotlight: Brendan Ross Photographer


What do they do?

Brendan Ross Photographer is a commercial photographer specializing in advertising and industrial photography.

Who’s in charge?

Brendan Ross.

How did he get started?

While working at an advertising agency in the department of public relations, Brendan Ross was invited to take pictures for a brochure. This is the moment he realized his real calling, photography.

Why did he get started?

Brendan started his business because throughout life he had two hobbies: Amateur radio and photography. In the end, photography presented itself as a lifestyle instead of a career. Says Brendan, who sees taking pictures as being essential to life.

How did his education impact his future career choice?

Brendan, an English and Psych major, intended to work at an ad agency as a writer. However, photography, following him throughout high school, college and finally into the business world, continued to make itself known to him, which is evident through his college jobs as the photographer for the school’s newspaper and editor and chief of the yearbook.

Does he feel he wasted time by first working in an ad agency?

Brendan believes his past career gave him the framework for his photography business considering it significantly impacted his career choice. Brendan is a commercial photographer who focuses on advertisement and doesn’t shoot retail photography.

What I’ve learned

A job is a paid position of regular employment; however, a career is a lifelong passion. I discovered this difference through Brendan´s utter shock at the mention of retiring and selling his pictures to some random art gallery. He said, ¨You do all that work, and for what? So your art can be confined to a frame.¨ Hearing someone describe their established passion inspires me to rethink my career goals. Maybe ditch the corporate world and consider a more artistic path?

Looking for a commercial photographer in Detroit? Contact Brendan at (313) 247-9772 or [email protected] 

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