Green Alley

The green alley is located next to the Green Garage, between our south side and the Blackstone apartment building. It is the first green alley to be developed in the city of Detroit, and was designed to be a model for other alleys in the city.

Green Alley Spring 16

We invite you to visit the alley anytime! In addition to functioning as a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly neighborhood thoroughfare, it demonstrates a few different sustainable design features that promote a healthier relationship with the Earth, including:

  • Reclaimed bricks
  • Convex surface and permeable pavement to help direct rainwater back into the water table, rather than into the overburdened sewer system
  • Extensive native plantings to promote natural biodiversity
  • High-induction lighting to illuminate the alley at night in a way that uses considerably less energy than traditional or LED street lighting.

The alley’s redevelopment grew out of a collaboration between the Green Garage and Motor City Brewing Works, with whom we share the alley. Other neighbors were included in the conversation, and with the support of all affected businesses and residents, plans were drawn up with the goals of increased permeability, pedestrian support, and of course enhanced aesthetics. Construction took place in the summer of 2010, with support from Midtown Detroit Inc., the Kresge Foundation, the Americana Foundation, and the Colin Hubbell Fund. Photos and details of the construction process are on our Green Alley construction page.

The alley has been an unmitigated success, and has sparked the development of at least 4 other green alleys in the area. For more information on the alley, please visit our Sustainable Design Features and Green Alley FAQ wiki pages.


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