Archival work

If you have taken a tour of the building in the past 6 months, you’ve probably noticed hand-drawn charts like this one lining the walls.

Water chart

The good news is we’ve documented our work. The bad news is it’s understandable only to those who did the work (in the case above, it was the water group). So we have formed a small group of dedicated people – I’m calling us archivists – who will be working until the end of July taking all of this work off the walls and translating it into another form onto our website.

There are 6 of us who’ll be doing this work: 2 intern pioneers, Kirsten Lyons and Kevin Gardner, plus Joe Gallagher (a closet editor), Tom and Peggy Brennan, and Ashleigh Chatel. Kirsten, Joe, Kevin and Tom are pictured below.


The group is working 9-5, Monday through Friday, in an attempt to get all of this material recorded. Kirsten, Kevin, Tom and Joe will be the primary writers, with Peggy and Ashleigh as final editors. Once these documents are written, they will also be presented to what we’re calling our Summer Working Community, pictured below in a meeting that took place yesterday, for final comments.


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