An update on the alley

he alley is progressing, but we are a couple of weeks behind schedule. The reasons are typical for any construction project: it’s just taking longer than expected. First, the city water department repaired leaks in the water main and leaks in the sewer itself. It ran a little long. We had rain days that also put us behind. Then we had Inland Waters Pollution from Detroit work on improving the sewer by putting a fiberglass liner in it. This was going along well until their little robot, working to open the 24 leads into the sewer, got stuck in the pipes. This happened yesterday, and Inland worked through he night to fix this problem and get the leads all opened. All is well today. Mike Mancini from Redford Cement will finally be able to begin removing the cement next Tuesday. Jeff Klein from Classic Landscaping and Design should be able to begin getting the soil prepared the following Monday. One more thing:¬† half of our LED lighting is up and it looks great.

A few pictures below show the work of the past few days.

Sewer liner

The fiberglass sewer liner going into the sewer

Heading in

 Inland worker heading into the sewer to open a lead. Claustrophobics need not apply.

Got it

He’s got it!

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