About Us

The Green Garage is a co-working community and business incubator located in Midtown Detroit dedicated to providing a home for a diverse group of businesses and nonprofits. As a triple-bottom-line business, we strive to make decisions that are good for the environment, good for the community and economically healthy. We opened in 2011 after two years of design work and two years of construction, and currently house approximately 50 small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our building, a former Model T showroom, dates back to 1920. For those interested, we have traced the history of the building, and in fact the houses that used to reside on the property, all the way back to 1881. See our Building History page for more information.

The building was designed to be as green as possible, utilizing passive design principles, solar thermal heating and extensive repurposing of materials in the construction. As a result, we currently use about a tenth of the energy of a traditional office building, a tenth of the water and a tenth of the waste. We track our usage in each of these areas on our Measurement Pages.

Entering our 8th year, our community is vibrant, with weekly business discussions, Friday brown bag lunches, consultation meetings, and even office yoga and neighborhood walks. Looking to connect? Visit our Get Involved page to learn how. Looking to join our coworking community? Start here, or check out our membership options here. We look forward to meeting you!

Green Garage Detroit