A salute to the power of the mind

As I write this, Joe Gallagher is turning in our final revisions, and we should be approved later today or Monday to begin construction. We’re very excited. One of the final revisions turned out to be some structural numbers having to do with our rooftop patio/garden. I picked up the work from Ike Sheppard in Rochester Hills yesterday. Here is what he gave me:


Perhaps you can’t read these calculations, but for most of us it doesn’t matter – we wouldn’t understand them anyway. When I saw this, I asked him if this all came out of his brain, or if this was transcribed from a computer. He laughed, and assured me it came from his own noggin. Then he brought out a slide rule and an abacus, explaining that if his brain didn’t work, he went to the slide rule, and then his final resort was the abacus. And we all had a good laugh.

The reason I photographed his work is that I believe we may not see these type of detailed calculations done again with pure, unadulterated brain power. I want to pay homage to it.  Frankly, I’m not even sure that this generation of kids can even write numbers that small and precise. I suppose I’m sounding old. But what a thing of beauty! Ike, we salute you!

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