A mid-summer update


It’s mid-summer at the Green Garage. If you didn’t know it, just look at Ike Sheppard’s shirt, and you won’t have any doubts. Ike, a structural engineer, met last week with Tom, Joe, Kirsten and Kevin to discuss final plans for the roof. The roof will be first on the list of construction projects, just following deconstruction.

While Tom, Joe, Kirsten and Kevin are here 9-5 weekdays, the rest of us come in for particular meetings. This month, July, we’ve been doing technical design work to prepare us for the upcoming construction on the building. The tech design on the building envelope (floors, walls, windows, roof) is pretty much done. On the agenda this Wednesday from 1-4 will be electrical design, including lighting, lighting controls, fans, electrical outlets, etc. From 3-5 will be the deconstruction agenda: listing the areas to be deconstructed, planning the sequence of work, and putting the final touches on materials management (keeping in mind our 90% reuse of existing materials). On the same day, Don Carter will be leading a group of interested individuals who want to help build a scale model of the future remodeled building.

On Friday, we’ll be meeting from 2-4 to tackle issues within the larger group. We’ll review the design work done on Wednesday and do some scenario testing (i.e. a visitor arrives at the Green Garage with a question about native gardening — work through the process).

All else is continuing at a good pace. Kirsten is developing a CAD drawing for plant placement in the green alley. Kevin is working on his design for a rooftop garden/patio area. We all take a stroll down to the North Cass Community Garden at lunch time to water the garden and commingle with nature. Not a bad life.

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