A loud week with walnuts

I’m guessing most of you reading this have never done walnut blasting before. Last week at the GG we cleaned up our historic wood ceiling and some of the walls using a process called blasting. We originally thought we’d do the most common form of blasting, sand blasting, but we learned that sand is a carcinogen when used this way, so for obvious reasons decided against it. Then we moved to soda blasting, until we learned that we’d be seeing baking soda in our building for years to come. Again we passed. After consulting with Ron Wells of Grand Northern Products, we decided on walnut blasting. The big advantage was that the ground walnuts were hard enough to reuse, so we needed less product.

Last Monday began with Ron inspecting the site and training Eduardo and Heladio on blasting technique. Ron is pictures below.


Here’s a picture of the blaster…


…and here’s a sample of the crushed walnut shells…


The blasting took 6 days. Here, Eduardo is doing some blasting on the first section. The picture is not out of focus – that’s the amount of dust these walnuts generated.


To get a sense of the results, here’s a section half completed:


When the residue came down, Eduardo Jr was in charge of sweeping it up, sifting it, and loading it back into the blaster. Here he is demonstrating the sifting process:


We are more than pleased with the results. We weren’t sure we’d have to seal the wood with a stain, but as you can see, it’s not necessary at all. Success!



And by the way, I’ll ask again a question I have asked before: Is there anything Eduardo and Heladio CAN’T do? We haven’t found it yet!

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