A little more on earth tubes

I took some more photos that might help complete the picture on the earth-air tubes. The tubes were installed to help us get fresh air into the building, which is required by code, and promote energy efficiency by taking that air underground and bringing it into the building somewhat warmer (in the winter) or cooler (in the summer).  This is because the earth has a somewhat constant temperature (around 55 degrees), no matter the season, and we want to take advantage of that.  Here are the tubes at their point of origin in our backyard:


The tubes lay flat in the ground:

Finished earth air tubes

And here’s a picture of their point of entry in our basement.


They will be connected to an energy recovery unit, which will connect to our heating and cooling systems.

I hope this explanation helps.

Two people who did the lion’s share of the work were, once again, Eduardo and Heladio. They can pretty much do anything!

Al capones hideout

A couple other points from the week: National Recycling has been dropping off 7 boxes at a time for the past few days, and has been picking up the filled boxes the next day. They are great to work with!


I also want to salute the women of our zero-energy group who spent 9 months helping with our design. They were together again today at our Friday lunch meeting. They are Laurie Catey, Kirsten Lyons and Laura Long. I’m glad they are here to see their ideas come to fruition.


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