Business-in-residence Spotlight: CollabFeature

What do they do?

CollabFeature is a collaborative filmmaking platform that facilitates the creation of multi-director  feature films, series, documentaries, and news media.

12132635_921032894639014_2436386335119410475_o Who?

CollabFeature is Marty Shea (who works at the Green Garage) and Ian Bonner, along with an extensive network of more than 150 filmmakers from across the globe.

Marty’s Background:

Marty Shea, interviewee and co-founder on the right

Marty’s passion for film can be traced back to when he was just a kid. Utilizing the limited cast of his two sisters, Marty would make movies. This passion followed him to college, where he took Film Studies classes. Those film classes, meanwhile, led to a job at the Michigan Film Office and an internship on his first film set. That internship led him to a career as a producer, director and crew member where he worked on commercials for large companies including Budweiser, General Motors, and Chrysler, as well as music videos and feature films, including The Upside of Anger and Standing in the Shadow of Motown.

The Start:

15 years ago, filmmakers and friends Ian and Marty discovered that 98% of independent films don’t make money considering they are often competing with big studios. The two set out to challenge this flawed system by uniting independent filmmakers using a multi-director model which allows film creators to combine their resources to make feedback-driven, cost-effective content.   

Officially launching in 2010, CollabFeature started through a message board where Ian and Marty emailed every filmmaker they knew from the film festival circuit. That eventually led to the development of a private online platform, designed by Ian and a few student developers, to make the collaborative process more efficient. Since they launched the platform, through conversation, media attention, and on the job site advertising, they’ve attracted over 4,000 applicants from over 35 countries.

Goals: 13502023_1542124466095744_4556673183882428708_n

CollabFeature’s  number one goal is to unite filmmakers who are committed to revolutionizing the film and TV industry. Using their platform, they’ve recruited over 150 collaborators, created two award-winning films, broken a Guinness World Record (Most Directors of a Film), and reached an audience of 90,000 people. Their current film, Train Station, is currently touring the global independent film circuit, while their last film, The Owner, is currently available to stream via Amazon on-demand.

Want to learn more about CollabFeature and how to be involved? Visit their website

Green Garage business-in-residence spotlights are written by Nehe-Miah Scarborough, a student at Detroit Cristo Rey High School who’s interning with the Green Garage.

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