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The Green Garage hosts office space in the main building and workshop space in the annex. We tend to center on about 50 businesses who call the Green Garage home. Following is a list of the businesses, a short description, and their contact information. If you would like to consider becoming a business-in-residence, please contact us.


Allen & Associates

Real estate valuation and consulting

  • Ronald Rivers (

Animal Intuition

Growing great relationships between animals and humans

  • Adrienne Wisok (

The Batata Shop

Sweet Potato Goodness

  • Tawnya Clark (

Brendan Ross, Photographer

Photos that work

  • Brendan Ross (

BVG Associates

Technical consultancy with expertise in wind and marine electricity generation systems

  • Charlie Nordstrom (

Center for Community Progress

Turning Vacant Spaces into Vibrant Places

  • Danielle Lewinski (
  • Payton Heins (
  • Laura Settlemyer (


Providing solutions to illegally dumped tires that empower the community and promote safe and healthy neighborhoods

  • Audra Carson (

Detroit Food Academy

Experiential leadership program dedicated to transforming the lives of young Detroiters through food and social entrepreneurship

  • Jen Rusciano (
  • Will Mundel (
  • Yolanda Scarborough (
  • Dakarai Carter

Earth Stones, Inc.

Nature's best building products

  • John D'Anna (

E. Ferstle Group

Leadership development and alternative spring breaks

  • Emily Ferstle (

EGB Designs

Web design agency focused on helping small businesses grow

  • Emilio Basa (

El Moore

Sustainable Urban Living in Detroit

  • Jason Peet (
  • Michel Francois Soucisse (

Enhanced Transition Center

Educational/vocational training center specializing in assisting individuals with disabilities transitioning from high school into adulthood

  • Jamie Johnson (
  • Lisa Mack (

Final Five Productions

Helping your company find its story and tell it in the most powerful way possible

  • Matt Dibble (

FoodLab Detroit

Food Entrepreneurs for a just, vibrant and sustainable Detroit

  • Devita Davison (
  • Colin Packard (
  • Angela Dagle (

44FortyFour Studio

Printed with love in Detroit

  • Liz Kerner (
  • Danielle Denha (

Fresh Corner Cafe

Mission-driven fresh food delivery and catering service formed in response to the troubling lack of access to high-quality healthy foods in Detroit

  • Valaurian Waller (

Fresh Corner Solutions

Food business consulting

  • * Noam Kimelman (

Gao Cloud Apps

Cloud software for everyone

  • David Gao (


Helping nonprofits implement strategic plans

  • Alan Levy (

Great Lakes Environmental Law Center

Protecting the world's greatest freshwater resource and the communities that depend upon it

  • Stephanie Karisny (
  • Nick Leonard (

Green Seeds Consulting

Triple bottom-line consulting

  • Tom Brennan (
  • Stephanie Newell (

Insights Advisors

Management consulting for new and struggling businesses

  • Bob Weins (
  • Karen Lesnow (
  • Rebeca Dokho (
  • John Weins (
  • Maxim Ermakov (

Joseph Lavis

IT management/consulting for Johnson Controls and The Information Division

  • Joseph Lavis (


Registered investment advisor

  • Leon LaBrecque (
  • Michael Diegel (

Kasak Legal

Law firm focused on protecting personal liberty and supporting the local business community

  • Ryan Kasak (

K Creative

Design solutions

  • Kevin Gardner (

Karen Batchelor

Life coach/genealogist

  • Karen Batchelor (


Crowdfunding incredible Muslims worldwide

  • Amany Killawi (
  • Chris Blauvelt (

Law Office of Danielle J. Hessell

  • Danielle Hessell (


Landscape architecture and planning studio focused on cutting edge sustainable planning and community driven design

  • Courtney Piotrowski (
  • Leah Groya (
  • Jason MacDonald (
  • Jamison Brown (

Michigan Corps

Ask what you can do for your state

  • Pete Benedetto (

New Solutions Group

Public policy consulting that works creatively and collaboratively for the common good

  • Steve Tobocman (
  • Sloan Herrick (
  • Sarah Szurpicki (
  • Beth Szurpicki (
  • Angie Gaabo (
  • Raquel Garcia Andersen (Global Detroit) (
  • Lena Selzer (

Pages Bookshop

Community bookstore

  • Susan Connelly Murphy (


Crowdfunding to build a better Michigan

  • Chris Blauvelt (
  • Ebrahim Vacharia (

Pill Pouch / Elderberry

A pill management system / Restoring elders and their stories to the center of our communities

  • Matt Sitek (
  • Kathi Sitek (

PM Environmental

Environmental and engineering services

  • Hayden McNeil (

Promet Source

Drupal web development

  • Doug Reith (


Creative solutions to funding and staffing needs for grassroots organizations specializing in community and economic development

  • Libby Levy (

Red Panda

Explore new sound (designing and assembling guitar effect pedals)

  • Curt Malouin (
  • Sylvie Demers (
  • Adrienne Wisok (
  • Andie Simmons (

Ribbon Farm Hops

Nurturing Hops, Hope and a Harvest of Cheer

  • Susan McCabe (

Sidewalk Ventures

Unlocking the power of community-based investment

  • Jeff Aronoff (

Simply Well Communities

Designing sustainable, holistic, healthy living communities

  • Kimberly Williamson (

Smarter Phones

Smarter Phones. Smarter People.

  • Tony Merlo (

Sprouts IO

Microfarms for personal produce

  • Kamal Farah (
  • Jenny Broutin Farah (

Students Get Fit

Get buff. Win stuff.

  • Lacey Maryott (
  • Chris Smith (
  • Charlie Rostamloo (

Thrive Legal

Serving the legal needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs in Detroit

  • Noel French (

Urbane Media

Digital Marketing and Public Relations Laboratory

What's Next LLC

Business consultancy specializing in helping small to medium manufacturers develop strategies based on sustainable business principles

  • Michael Shesterkin (

Works Untitled LLC

Strategy and consulting to support the launch of art and design projects in cities throughout the world

  • Bethany Betzler (

Writing It Right For You

Academic business writing and editing, e-book and self-publishing, and small business marketing and consulting

  • Pamela Owens (
  • Keith Owens (

Zoom Detroit Studios

Illustration, animation, graphic design and videography studio

  • Morgan Marentic (

Green Garage Alumni

Co-Working Spaces in Detroit

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